I'm always open for collaboration. Do you want me to help you making your brand and/or products more visible and significant? Contact me and we can discuss about the possibilities.

Because I've just started I can't show you high numbers of followers or engagement, but it can be interesting for you (competitively and financially) to collaborate with a starting initiative. No to forget that the videos remain online for a very long period of time (years!) and so will your visibility.

Collaboration with musicians

I'm always looking for music as background for my videos. If you are a musician and want me to use your music don't hesitate to contact me. You will be mentioned during the video and linked in the description and end screen.

Sending products

You can send your products. However, I can't guarantee that I will review or use them in my publications (except when agreed about it). Nevertheless I will try to integrate them in some way (review, unboxing, opening the mail, giveaway). My reviews are my opinions and I like to stay independent. Products sent to me for reviews will not be returned. 


I like to be invited, so if you organize events that are related to Violinmaking or Bowed Instruments and you would like me to come, tell me about it. You can send an invitation by email.

Address: P.O. Box 1706, 3800BS Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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