My name is Kimon Argyropoulos and I'm a violinmaker. In addition, I make videos for YouTube about my work and other bowed-instrument related topics. Have a look on my channel or below for my videos.

At the moment I publish 2 videos each month: The "Making a violin" series where I show and explain how a violin is made step by step and the "Repair Series" where I show all kinds of repairs I do in my workshop on different instruments. These two series alternate each other and are published on the 11th of the month. Last but not least I make videos on different topics that are related to the bowed instruments and I review products. From time to time I will upload videos where I open the post, visit events or update my viewers about what is going on. These videos will be online on the 26th of the month. Do you have any idea about a topic that you want me to talk about or do you organize an event that you want me to visit? Don't hesitate to let me know! 


Have a look at the instruments that I have made or repaired in my workshop. 


Click here to go to the Links page. There you can find producers and suppliers of different products, tools and wood to make your own instrument, as well products that I have reviewed in my videos.

The topic video

Making a Pochette Series

In this series a copy of the A. Stradivari "Clapisson" Pochette.

Repair Series

In this series I show different repairs that I do in my workshop.



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