4/4 violin "Dario Verné 1990 - Aramis"

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Dario Verné was born in February 1922 and was a twin with his brother Attilio. During the war he fought on the Russian front from which he did return. However, his brother Attilio died in 1943 due to meningitis. Attilio was a violin maker but after his death Dario took over his work. He used the models of the classic builders, paid great attention to detail and was fascinated by the development of the varnish.

He built more than 400 instruments until the end of the 1990s. In 1970 he also won the violin making competition of Bagnacavallo (Ravenna).

The English violin dealer Martin Swan, who rates instruments for their sound with one to four stars (with 4 being the best), gives an instrument by Dario Verné from 1981 3 stars, together with G. Antoniazzi, J. B. Vuillaume, L. Storione and even some by A. Stradivari.

The famous cellist Gregory Bemko purchased several instruments from him. In 2007, during the Italian Culture Days in Tbilisi (Georgia), the violinist Guido Rimonda plays on two violins: The Stradivari 1721 and one by Dario Verné from 1991. He also gave a Masterclass on the development of violin art in Italy.

This violin, from 1990, was built as part of the quartet "The Musketeers" referring to the 1844 novel written by Alexandre Dumas and bears the name "Aramis". Dario has signed the name and description on the inside on the top left side. Price: €11.000,-

LOB: 357mm